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Keraspa Brazil Keratin Treatment Smoothing system,kera1, kera2, kera3-1000 ml

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Product Features:

Brand: Keraspa

Type: Keraspa Brazil Keratin Treatment

Product weight: 1000 ml x3

Product Features:

Brand: Keraspa

Type: Keraspa Brazil Keratin Treatment

Product weight: 1000 ml x3

Kera 1 Shampoo pH 4: The Kera 1 shampoo contains keratin, collagen and polyquaternium. Kera 1 removes all impurities from the hair shaft and prepares the hair to receive the smoothing system KeraSpa Intense.

Kera 2 Smoothing System pH 1.5: The KeraSpa Intense hair smoothing system uses a new technology, Matrix Plus, a complex of amino acids cysteins that releases proteins sequentially. It reduces up to 90% curls, volume and removes all the frizz. Matrix Plus combines the benefits of babassu oil, wheat germ oil, carob and vitamin E to improve the moisture of the hair leaving it smoother, stronger, healthier and shinier.

Kera 3 Final pH 4: Kera 3 is the last step of the smoothing system. It contains Babassu oil, shea butter, collagen and keratin that replenishes hair and restores flexibility.

How to Use Keraspa Brazil Keratin Treatment :

Step 1 :  Wash the hair with Kera 1 Shampoo lather the hair in the direction of the cuticles and rinse. Repeat. Towel dry the hair (No dryer) and keep 50% to 60% humidity in the hair all through application.

Step 2: Shake Kera 2 before using and pour 1 oz to 1.35 oz (30–40 ml) in a plastic bowl. Use KeraSpa clips and part the hair in four sections. Start at the nape area, take thin sections 1/4 inches - 0.64 cm and apply with brush and remove excess of product with a fine tooth comb. Be careful not to overload with product. Leave product for 20 – 30 minutes. FYI - For better curl reduction on African American hair or very coarse hair, use the double application technique - apply Kera 2, comb and let stand 20 minutes. Keraspa Brazil Keratin Treatment, Re-apply over the first application, comb and let stand for another 20 minutes. Dry the hair 100 % with a dryer and a round brush to align the cuticles. With a 450°F /232°C flat iron (normal or virgin hair), press the hair taking thin see through sections (1/8 inch- 0.32 cm) 7-10 times each strand of hair. For damaged or bleached hair reduce the heat to 420°F /210°C and press 5-7 times on each strand. Rinse hair abundantly (No Shampoo). It is important you rinse Well (approx. 5 minutes) to ensure the solution has been eliminated as it will remove any unpleasant smell. Remove excess water

Step 3 : Apply the Kera 3 FINAL -1 oz to 1.35 oz (30–40 ml) all through the hair, leave for 5 minutes and rinse. (Important step). If a color correction is needed please consult Kera Food in the technical guide. Do not use conditioners or styling product after the Keraspa Brazil Keratin Treatment.

For better results after Keraspa Brazil Keratin Treatment, style the hair with the KeraSpa Amazon Active Shine Fluid and finish with a flat iron. To maintain the effectiveness of the KeraSpa INTENSE smoothing system, we strongly recommend using the KeraSpa shampoo S Non-sulfate free and the Conditioner C Anti-Frizz. Strongly advised Use the Kera S shampoo without sulfate and the KeraSpa C anti-frizottis conditioner as a maintenance product after Keraspa Brazil Keratin Treatment.

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Brand Keraspa
Country of Manufacture Canada
Ship From United Arab Emirates
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