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Reward Points Program


We provide you with rewards points for every activity you have with us. From log in with us as a customer, you are starting to earn Reward Points of AywaCart. AywaCart’s Reward point Program is much bigger. Even you will get for your login and for each shopping you will get Reward Points which you can use for your next shopping with us. Each Reward points will be converted to currencies on a specific basis.


Not only that!! if you refer our site to someone else, there are some awesome reward points programs waiting for you. If someone entered and login by your reference you will get more points besides that for each purchase with us of that person which you referred you will get reward points on his purchase.

Note:  Reward Points will automatically expire after 90 days if you are not used to it.

Terms and Conditions Apply


Contacting Us: If you have questions about this, please contact us at or contact us.