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What is AywaCart.com?

AywaCart.com is the leading online marketplace in the Middle East that makes easy to the people of buying and selling items online. Our aim is to provide the widest selection of Hair care, skincare, makeup, and other beauty products from top and emerging brands at the best price. We believe online shopping as the hassle free shopping with widest collection and personal choice rather than an offline shopping. We are well connected with worldwide suppliers and thus to ensure quality products in Great Deals. We promise effective and qualitative shopping experience all the way from product selection to timely delivery. We are very keen on products selection and thus can ensure the quality.

AywaCart.com website is completely managed and maintained by our company and thus can guarantee trustful services without any hassles. We as a team provide the first priority towards customer satisfaction and believing in our values and morals.


How do I place an order online?

It's very easy to shop with us, visit www.aywacart.com and select the website based on your location and browse through our different categories. You can also type a search term into the search box on top (but beware of your spelling - if spelt wrong you might not find what you're looking for). You can search for a product by brand name, title or product type. Once you find an item you like you can add it to your cart by selecting your preferred quantity and then clicking the ‘Add to cart’ button.

  • Item has been added successfully. You can now continue shopping or click on ‘View cart and Checkout’ click ‘Proceed to Checkout
  • Once you reach the checkout page you can either sign into your account if you haven’t already or checkout as a guest
  • You can then proceed to choose your preferred mode of payment (Cash on Delivery, Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal) and enter your payment details.
  • After you have completed all the sections simply click ‘Place Order’. An email confirming your order with AywaCart.com will be sent to you
  • Need more help? You can drop us a email to [email protected] or by call (024415858) we can assist you.


How soon will I receive my order?

AywaCart.com Orders generally take between 2-5 working days from time of ordering to be delivered (this may take a bit longer during sale periods) unless otherwise stated on the Site. Estimated delivery times are to be used as a guide only.


How can I add an item in the existing order that has already been placed?

Unluckily, there is no such option. You will have to place a new order.


If I receive my multiple product order at different times. Should I pay the price for the respective product only or pay for the complete order?

No, you will have to pay for the complete order as soon as you receive the first product.


Can I ship to an address different than my billing address?

Yes you can. Just enter the address you want to ship to in the shipping address fields at checkout.


What if I wish to change the delivery address after placing the order?

Once you have placed the order, you cannot change the delivery address. However, you can cancel the order and place a new one with the preferred address.


The order delivery time has been exceeded. What should I do?

We regret the inconvenience, but generally, we intimate our clients about the delivery status and time. In case, you haven’t received the notification, please write to us [email protected]/ or contact us through cal (024415858)


How can i make an inquiry about the product or know the order status?

Want to know about the order status or inquire about the product? Give us a call at (024415858) or drop an email at [email protected]


Can I return items?

Yes you can, and returns are free. If you have an AywaCart.com account you can sign in and make a return directly from there or you can contact us at [email protected] and we will assist you with the process. For more information please see our Returns and Refunds section.


Do we have cancellation timeline?

You can check the order status online. If in case, it has not been dispatched you can cancel the order. Post the dispatch; we do not accept complete cancellation. You can deny the acceptance of the products and will have to pay the amount. You can then later shop for the products of your choice.


Can I return one/few products if I change my mind?

Yes, we accept the return of one/ few products if you change your mind.


Will I get a refund for my cancelled order?

Yes, you can get a refund for the orders if it satisfies our normal terms and conditions.


Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes, we have a strong network of delivery channels across worldwide.


How can I change my email, home address or password?

Changing your details could not be easier, log into your AywaCart.com. When clicking on My Details or Shipping addresses you will be given the option to update your account details and then press save.


What should I do if I forget my password?

Please click here if you have forgotten your password or follow the instructions on the Sign in page to easily retrieve your personal credentials. For privacy and security reasons we do not send this information by email.


What should I do if the payment fails, but my account is debited with the amount?

In case, the payment is a failure and still, the account gets debited, the payment will be credited back within 15 business days.


Do you pose any hidden charges?

The product price displayed includes all the taxes. Only the delivery charges will be extra in some of the cases.


Privacy/Security-Is AywaCart.com safe to shop from?

100% Yes. We've invested in some of the best systems in the world. Plus, we do not store any credit card information on our servers.


Will I be spammed?

No. You will never be spammed by AywaCart.com. We have a very strict privacy policy and we treat your information with the utmost care. Our databases which store your information are encrypted as well with limited access to employees.


How can I apply for jobs at AywaCart.com?

If you are interested to apply, drop in your email at [email protected] or through career session on our website https://www.aywacart.com/careers