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                                                             Selling Policy


By Knowing and following about our policies, it will help us to be maintaining a safe environment for each and all, and be able to avoid interruptions that might come from unintentional violations of our rules.

You must obey with the following policies. Your account will be suspended if you Breach seller terms & conditions.


Intellectual Property Right - Enforcement Actions for Intellectual Property Right Infringement Claims. We will remove the listing and selling of product if infringe someone else’s Intellectual Property Right (IPR). Can be reported to IPR owners, consumer affairs department and other law enforcement authorities.


Prohibited and restricted- You can sell almost any item related to BEAUTY, maintaining the safety of the community, some categories of products are restricted, or completely banned from being listed.


Counterfeits or Refurbished Products- we will remove your listing if we suspect your products are not genuine. Consumer safety and trust is important to us. It is criminal offence to practice to gain money by using IPR without owner’s permission.


Material safety- Ensure that your products are safe, product safety is the first priority to sell on AywaCart.com. We will be requesting Material safety data sheet(MSDS) to some categories. Seller will be wholly responsible if any harm full damages done for individual or for properties.


Orders Cancellation: once order confirmed by seller cannot be delayed or cancelled. If any cancellation of confirmed order will be subject to penalty.


Content- All text, content information or document uploaded or entered by seller in the site is solely responsible.


Changes TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY: Our business changes constantly and our Privacy Policy may therefore also need to change. If any changes made we will update in the website and notify you in email. Each such change will be effective upon posting but you should check our website frequently to see recent changes and also it’s your obligation to check the privacy policy.


Claim : Whereas seller terms has detailed provisions for breaches or claims, we will hold the payments and recover additional amount AED1,00000 for breach of above terms and conditions and need to compensate customers without prejudice to our rights and remedies.

Comment: it is a pleasure to hear from our valued customers. In case you would like to get in touch with us and provide feedback, please feel free to contact our team via email:[email protected]


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